Council of Chapters: May 16, Crystal River, FL, at 4:30pm

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Kara Driscoll

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on: May 12, 2019, 08:33:38 PM
Greetings everyone, please find the agenda attached for our regular meeting at the Conference. We will be meeting in the Palm room from 3:30pm to 4:20pm for our Council Workshop (an agenda will be added on to this post as soon as it is finished), and at 4:30 pm for our regular Council meeting.

Please let me know if you have any additions to the agenda or have any questions or concerns ( Otherwise, see you all there!

Please post your "homework" as replies below - we will be discussing this during our meeting. :)

Edit Please find the Workshop agenda attached. If you do not have this downloaded, that's alright. I'll have copies available Thursday.
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Athena Philips

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Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 12:10:49 PM
Important update, concerning the election for Council Chair.

To ensure compliance with the FNPS bylaws, which govern the Council meetings, elections, etc., we must reach a Quorum of 18 votes in the Forum poll.,1586.0.html

In the case we do not receive 18 votes online, we will have to continue voting at the in-person meeting. So please vote, and after you vote, please email me and let me know that you did so. This way we can make sure there is no double voting by those in attendance at the Conference.

Sorry this wasn't stated earlier. It came to our attention after the poll started.
Athena Philips, Citrus Chapter

Athena Philips

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Reply #2 on: May 13, 2019, 05:22:14 PM
Pawpaw Chapter Report this May 13, 2019 -

Pawpaw Chapterís Conservation Related Activities with two rare or threatened plant species: Deeringothamnus rugelii and Conradina grandiflora.   
A. Rugelís Roundup 2019 has morphed into a more in-depth survey and study of Volusia Countyís rare endemic, Deerinothamnus (Asimina) rugelii

Ten different Chapter Volunteers spent some field days in the rough assisting Danny Young and his botanist colleagues in a more intensive 2019 Deeringothamnus (Asimina) rugelii survey through out a Multi-day April-May schedule.

The goal of Danny Youngís  2019 project funded by Section 6 of the federal Endangered Species Act, is to help determine what management strategies are needed to preserve Volusia Countyís endemic, Deeringothamnus (Asimina) rugelii as a viable species. This yearís project involved collection if both tissue and soil samples.

Danny Young (with business partner John Baehre) involved the following botanical specialists: Michael Jenkins, Plant Conservation Biologist from Florida Forestry Service;  Dr. Christy Edwards from Missouri Botanical Gardens and Conservation geneticist for DNA studies; Cheryl Peterson and Phillip Gonsiska, Whitney Costner from the Bok Tower Gardens Rare Plant Conservancy Program; and Dr. Valerie Pence Director of Plant Research at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, who received carefully prepared D. Rugelii leaves for germ plasm tissue cultures; as well as a Nova University-Bok Gardens arrangement to collect soil samples to determine if there was any specific microbiome relating to the D. rugelii species.   (I hope I have all these details right.)

B. Conradina grandiflora , a threatened Florida endemic plant species, was recently discovered by Pawpaw Member, David Anderson, on County land which shares a right of way with FPL.  Some research was done regarding ownership and permission to access the property to do a FNAI style Conradina grandiflora population survey. David Anderson contacted FPLís Meredith R.... who was pleased to hear about the threatened species here on Volusia and would look up the maintenance division responsible for this section of FPL.

On April 24, four volunteers spent 3 hours doing a walking survey on the property and found the individual plant count of 2,078 plants was much higher than first assumed. A FNAI report was mailed into FNAI (Amy Jenkins and Nicole Zampieri).

Since that time Danny Young, while looking for former Rugelís Pawpaw Population sites, reported an even larger population of Conradina grandiflora already on other Volusia County Conservation land.  So this brings to my mind that perhaps if these threatened and rare plants are already located on public or conservation lands, then for the best use of effort is to encourage land managers to better manage these plant populations in their areas of care.

C. Other potential rare or threatened species scouting operations where Pawpaw Chapter may maintain an eye out for any rare or threatens Florida Native Plant species:

1. Preparation of plant lists on regular field trips (also used as a education tool by Field Trip Chairman, Warren Reynolds)
2. Preparation of flowering plant lists seen along a 2.7 mile section of SR-40 as Pawpaw Members do their quarterly Adopt-a-Highway clean-up obligations.

D. Though not rare or endangered plant related, several Pawpaw Members who participate in a newly formed Native Plant Propagation Study Group are continuing to try to grow local Asclepias species ecotypes with varying, but less than stellar results. 

Sonya Guidry
Pawpaw Chapter Rep

Athena Philips, Citrus Chapter


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Reply #3 on: May 14, 2019, 10:24:48 PM
Report from Palm Beach County Chapter, May 14, 2019.
Current problems or issues that your chapter needs help with, if any.
We need support to update our current understanding of HOA regulation issues relating to Native Plant landscaping.

Please include in your report what Conservation related activities your Chapter is conducting or participating in, if any.

The Daniel F. Austin Conservation Award for Ethnobotany had two applicants this year.  This will be the first year that this award is being issued. We are so delighted to be able to continue his work in Ethnobotany and also honor similar work done by Dick Workman, who recently passed away.  Chris Lockhart, Winnie Said and others helped to get this program going.  Chris served as one of the judges.  Congrats to the awardees and our thanks to the individuals and chapters who have contributed to this program.
There is a bioblitz planned at The Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve this Saturday, May 18th.  Local members from Palm Beach Co. and Martin Co are invited to participate.

Please also include potential rare plant restoration, monitoring, and surveys that your Chapter thinks ought to be done in your area.
Potential rare plant restoration – not at this time.
Monitoring – we continue to support the Galaxy Elementary School Scrub site in Boynton Beach that is currently being cleared of invasive species.
Surveys - not at this time.

Please ID members interested in being a point of contact for FNPS’ committees and include committee, name, and contact info.
Here are our  chapter-level contacts:
a. Education N/A
b. Policy : Laura Reynolds (786) 543- 1926,
c. Communications  N/A
d. Membership : Barbara Levy, 561-346-0439
e. Conservation : Chris Lockhart, 561-738-1179 (Office)
f. Land Management Partners : Lynn Sweetay, 561-798-6208

We are happy to report that our membership is growing, and we have been very busy with events related to our Ethnobotany theme during the first quarter of this year, including very well attended lectures and field trips, as well as a workshop highlighting Native Florida medicinal plants. Tons of literature was handed out for FNPS as well as for partner organizations such as Everglades Audubon, Wildflower Foundation, NABA, etc. at the following events where we had a Chapter booth:
South Florida Fair
Everglades Day
Lake Worth Festival of Trees
Naturescaping at MacArthur Beach State Park
Natural Areas Festival at Winding Waters
Pollinator Festival
Spring Fest at Spanish River Park
BOCA Raton Garden Club Flower Show
Pan’s Garden on Mounts Botanical Garden’s Connoisseur’s Tour

Field Trips
Hunt for ladies tresses in Pine Glades Natural Area
Foraging for natives in Cypress Creek Natural Area
Take your Legislators out in the Field Day

We are now gearing up for our annual Rare and Unique Native Plant Auction being held at Mounts Botanical Garden Auditorium on Tuesday, May 21st at 7 p.m. Come check it out!

Attached please find the final version of the Southeast Florida Chapter Initiative for Community and Policy Advocacy Midterm Report we prepared halfway through the project and submitted to the FNPS BoD. 
Respectfully submitted by: Helen Laurence, Chapter Rep.
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Julie Becker

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Reply #4 on: May 17, 2019, 11:33:13 PM
Rough idea of Tarflower conservation effort attached
Julie Becker