Posting Information for FNPS Meetings

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Shirley Denton

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on: November 20, 2016, 09:01:43 PM
FNPS uses this forum for meetings.

To Create a meeting:
Go to the proper forum board, such as ExComm, Board of Directors, or Council of Chapters
There will be a visible menu at the top of the board with a tab for a new topic.
Create a new topic
DONE !  Post your agenda, meeting date, and any other general information

To Post a report (committee report, officer report, contractor report):
Go to the proper forum board
Go to the meeting (topic)
Look for a menu at the top of the meeting -- it has a tab for "reply".  The same menu will also be at the bottom of the topic posts.
Pick Reply
DONE !  Post your report.  It can be in the body of the post or you can add it as an attachment.
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