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Tarflower is currently holding online monthly meetings.
Members have been in ol ed in Mead gardens restoration and maintaince; planting at BillFredericks Park. And joining regional salvage in Lake county.
We also held a members only plant sale.
Board of Directors / Re: Draft License Plate Designs
« Last post by Jackie Rolly on June 25, 2020, 06:22:47 PM »
I like both the Ghost Orchid and the Pine Lily.  But any of them will work.
Meetings / Council of Chapters: GoTo Meeting June 28, 2020, 6:30pm
« Last post by Melanie Simon on June 25, 2020, 03:43:21 PM »
Greetings All,

The agenda for Sunday, 6/28 at 6:30 is posted below and GoTo instructions are being emailed.  Please send a proxy if you can't attend and note that agenda topics may be discussed or postponed.

Contact me at if you have questions.

Board of Directors / Re: Draft License Plate Designs
« Last post by Jim Erwin on June 24, 2020, 11:38:11 PM »
Well, this is fun.  I like the first one, and the Pine Lily one.  Random thoughts:  We hope to sell these to people who may say "what is that bean thing? " and to guys who might not want a flower on their truck, could the palmetto dominate the whole plate somehow with one flower on the left, is clutter a danger?, I'm trying to think of seeing these from 20 feet away, I have absolutely no visual design skill.  THANK YOU MARJORIE.
Board of Directors / Gene's Thoughs
« Last post by Eugene Kelly on June 24, 2020, 05:22:58 PM »
I looked at the designs before reading Marjorie's notes, and my first reaction is that I agree with her about weighting the image by placing the most prominent design elements on the left end of the plate.  While centered is obviously more symmetrical, it makes it difficult to create a "theme" because there isn't enough contiguous space.   The Conserve Wildlife plate I currently have is a good case in point.  The bear, the most prominent element, is on the left and I don't think it would work if the bear were centered.  For one thing, I don't think we want the text of the plate number covering a focal element, and the text will certainly extend across the very center of the plate.  I also agree with Marjorie about the pine lily; I was an initial proponent of including a pine lily, but the orchids fit better with the idea of an FNPS camo theme than the colors of the lily.   And as beautiful as the ghost orchid is, the butterfly orchid will be more recognizable to more people; some non--native plant people might even think the ghost orchid is invented.  Last thought, I also concur with Sue's suggestion about trying to incorporate some pine needles - even dried brown ones if that works - and/or oak leaves to more fully accentuate the "camo", while still allowing identifiable plants to be distinguish by we insiders.  That is important to the final product!
Board of Directors / Re: Draft License Plate Designs
« Last post by Grace Howell on June 24, 2020, 03:49:37 PM »
I like the design balance on #1 and #2, and the Butterfly orchid design best (for colors & balance of graphics). I also like the ghost orchid but I don't like all of the bold elements only on the left... it feels lopsided to me.
Very nice design for "camo"...  I was imagining something else, lol!
Board of Directors / From Sue Mullins
« Last post by Juliet Rynear on June 24, 2020, 03:28:17 PM »

Here are comments from Sue Mullins:

Dang, these are good!  What a talent Marjorie is! 

We should huddle as a group to discuss, but my initial reaction is that we need to choose one (maybe a mash-up of two of these) that includes a full background so it really resembles camouflage, but with the orchid or lily accentuated like she has it.  Also, probably need more pine needles, oak-leafy background to get us there.

What a great fortune it is to have Marjorie on our team!

Board of Directors / Re: Draft License Plate Designs
« Last post by Marlene Rodak on June 24, 2020, 02:44:19 PM »
I'm trying to look at this from a general population aspect. The Florida Native works well. I love it! I think as far as eye appeal, the pine lily is going to be the most colorful and appealing choice -- although we all know that native plants aren't colorful, right?? The ghost orchid would attract the "garden clubbers/orchid collectors."

Anyway, those are my comments ... aside from not seeing seagrapes. Ha. As long as Kara doesn't get milkweed, I'm okay not getting Coccoloba. Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Hmmmmm ... I bet a lupine would look GREAT!!
Board of Directors / Draft License Plate Designs
« Last post by Juliet Rynear on June 24, 2020, 02:27:53 PM »
Please review the attached 6 designs and the notes from Marjorie and then give your feedback by replying to this post.

Annual Meeting Minutes and Agendas / Annual Meeting Minutes 6 June 2020
« Last post by Jackie Rolly on June 10, 2020, 02:41:51 PM »
Attached are the Annual Meeting Minutes 6 June 2020
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